You don’t need to know where to start.

The Park Place Experience Academy experts are on hand to immerse you in-car culture or motorsport at your own pace. 

Highway Safety, Car Control Clinics, High-Performance Driving Events, and more are all offered by the Experience Academy for those ready to get to work behind the wheel. For driver’s competition-ready, time trials will take place amongst Park Place Experience Academy competitors. 

The curious-minded can attend world-class events where they are whisked around tracks or closed courses in Park Place vehicles by professional drivers for high-speed laps. Our special events align with the luxury feel Park Place clients currently enjoy but mix in the high-octane excitement only motorsport brings.


Just enjoy.

Luxury Events: Indulge in the one of a kind events only Park Place can create. Activities through the Park Place Experience Academy entwine luxury feel and elation. Each moment provides the opportunity to immerse you in action unique to that affair.

Hot Lap Rides: Guaranteed to pin you to your seat. A hot lap ride allows participants to experience professional, high-speed driving from the co-driver’s seat. Hot lap rides can be used to show vehicle capability, racing lines and just for pure excitement. Hot lap rides are not offered at all events.

Starting out.

Highway Safety: This is far more than just another driver’s education course. Engage your safety skills by modifying your reaction to unexpected situations. Our experts take you through two hours of simulated environments to show you vehicle’s capability while realizing your level of driving expertise. The class will teach a driver the finer points of choosing the correct path and brake application when navigating. 

Car Control: This class is designed to help you appreciate what your vehicle was engineered to do - perform. Our experts will guide you through eight hours of on-track exercises that enhance your car handling skills while thrilling you with the capability of your car at and beyond the limit. The dual purpose of this class is to prepare drivers for every day driving and high-performance driving events.

High-Performance Driving Event: Take your new driving skills a step further at a High-Performance Driving Event. The HPDE is not a race simulation but a chance to further your high-speed driving techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Drivers are split into groups according to ability and paired with an instructor. You will also attend classroom instruction to dive deeper into safety, performance, and track characteristics.

Skills Test.

Time Trials: With a plethora of knowledge about safe driving and understanding of vehicle capability, you can put your skills to the test. Compete against the clock to secure the single fastest lap times against other Park Place Experience Academy participants.

Autocross: Ready for the next challenge? Autocross is a timed driving event featuring obstacles such as cones or slaloms. For fun, additional non-driving challenges may be added. This level keeps drivers on their toes and requires a high level of understanding by the driver of both car and track.

Club Events: The, “Gentleman,” driver is a driver who enjoys racing for pure sport. Put your skills and car to the test against both Park Place Experience Academy participants and others. Winner’s receive prize trophies and accumulation of points for a potential national championship. Club Events are often drivers first step toward open competition.

Let’s go.

Single-Make and Open Competition: If you’re ready to take on more the Park Place Experience Academy has a direct relationship with Park Place Motorsports, a professional race team prepared to meet any clients needs when furthering their motorsport interest.