It's Ok To Be Different. Why The Experience Academy Is Right For You!

Run Groups that Make More Sense. 

The intent of the Park Place Experience Academy instructed programs are to provide participants an opportunity to begin exploring the full potential of their chosen vehicle and their driving skills in a Safety First program. Our Safety First programs are divided into two basic groups, Instructed and Advanced Run Groups, each basic group has different levels. We provide the area's best driving instructor's team in a unique approach designed to meet each participants individual goals.  

Our run groups feature a unique grid placement system in an enhanced passing program. The Advanced Run Groups use a complex algorithm to determine the placement of each participant within a specific run group. Our Safety First approach is more than just driver skills. We believe we should also take in the consideration of the vehicle type, modifications, horsepower, weight, and tire type to determine the participant index. We use the index to determine the placement of each advanced participant. 

Think of it this way, We could grid a Hamilton, Rossi and Vettle in a 190 HP vehicle and grid them with a modern GT3, AMG or a 720s. His skillset alone cannot overcome a 30 to 50 mph difference on a straight away. Therefore we determine run groups based upon the entirety not just a single skill. We believe this makes Safety First sense.

Miss our first event? Ready for more? Join us again!

We're already planning our next track day and we want you to be there. Join us Saturday, October 5 and Sunday October 6 for a two day event at Eagles Canyon Raceway. Our first HPDE is sold as either a one day or two day option. Use the following button to view full event details and register.

Tell a Friend! 

Running laps alone is no fun. So bring a friend! Click the photo below and safe the image. Share it, and invite your friends to our first two day event in October. Think of it like a digital post card, but instead of wishing they were there make sure they attend by reminding them to register on


How to Register.

Wondering how to register? It's actually quite simple with! Below is a step by step process so you don't have any guess work.

1. Go to
2. Search Park Place Experience Academy.
3. Click on the event.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the, "Continue," button.
5. Read through our Run Groups and Regulations. 
6. Sign In or Create a Free Account to finish registration.

Creating an account on is fast and easy. It also allows you to keep track of events you've participated in and make follow up simple. Click here to create an account.

Did you know you can download forms before hand?

We're working on making all of our forms available ahead of time by placing them on our website, You can click the link at the top of the page that says forms or go to our forms page to download your Tech Inspection form and more! Use the button below to view the forms page.

Supercar Showcase Appearance.

Joining Park Place for the Supercar Showcase Friday, Sept. 27? We'll be there! Sign up for the October event or ask questions at the Park Place Experience Academy booth during the Friday VIP event. We will have staff on site to answer questions and help you with the registration process. Information will also be available at the Supercar Showcase concourse Saturday, Sept. 28. 

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Find you ride, Inaugural Event photos are here!

Free downloadable photos are available courtesy of the Park Place Experience Academy. If you'd like to purchase the photo for print or commercial use, please contact our photographer Pouyan Javan at Use the link below to view and download your photos. Tag us if you post them online!

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